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August 29, 2017

 Times have definitely changed. Gone are the days when the only acceptable jewellery for a man was a wedding ring. The average man is still very much hesitant in expressing themselves when it comes to how they look.
 Well I have some good news for you.
 The reason you are still reading this article is because some part of you knows that you are tired of being an average man. It is time to be a better you. So I have prepared a short list to help you on your way to becoming the man you were meant to be.


The most common argument against wearing a watch is why should anyone bother wearing one when we now have smart phones that tell us the time. Well my friend, as true as that thought is, it is a very simple way of thinking. Glancing at your watch to check the time shows that you are a man of class, not just another boy with an iPhone. Wearing a watch also shows that you are a gentleman with a taste for the finer things, such as craftsmanship. Isn’t that what every boy dreams of growing up to becoming? A gentleman.
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I bet the first thought that popped into your head when you read bracelet was a girl’s wrist wasn’t it? Well let me tell you how much things have changed, and how much you need to change your way of thinking. There are countless designs that help complete your outfit in a gentleman-like manner. Countless Hollywood A-listers wear bracelets on and off screen to compliment their clothes or their mood for the day.
A bracelet around the wrist can dictate the look you are going for to the people around you. When matched with a shirt, tie or pocket square for a corporate event, the type of bracelet you wear should insinuate that you are a man of class and professionalism. In such an environment it is important to make your peers perceive you as a man of status and respect. On the other hand, for the more casual outfit, a bracelet with a bit of colour always compliments a jumper and jeans when paired with a watch.
 Plus, for a limited time, for every watch you buy we will give you a FREE bracelet to go with it! Because we know once you get a taste of it, it will become a staple in your daily outfits.
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As I mentioned earlier, a wedding ring was the only acceptable form of jewellery for man back in the day. Now however, a ring means so much more than that. Every ring you see on a man’s hand today tells a lot about him as a person. An animal ring could represent a primal connection a man feels to his soul. Adventuring and strong spirited gentlemen always turn towards fashion accessories with an animal design to go with any outfit.
A skull ring, on the other hand, could represent someone’s brash and stubborn personality. Due to the image of a skull being branded by society as a symbol of evil, upon seeing a gentleman with a skull ring, the first impression anyone gets is that they are seeing a man who lives by his own rules. Almost like an outlaw.
The point is a ring has a personal story to every single gentleman that chooses to wear it.
What will be you story?
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